Vocal Freedom specialises in delivering interactive, informative and empowering professional development workshops for teachers and performers in the implementation and maintenance of vocally healthy and therapeutic practices. All of our workshops are run by a qualified Speech Pathologist. We work both individually with the client and in a variety of educational environments to provide programs tailored to the organisation or individual’s needs. From a 15 minute informational session to a full day workshop - let us know how we can help!




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What Do We Do?

We utilise professional acting techniques in combination with published Speech Pathology research and therapeutic techniques to enhance breath support, reduce tension in the head, neck and larynx, improve resonance and projection of the voice for all voice users. There is an incredibly powerful link between the voice and mental health and because of this our work is further supported by utilising and understanding the psychological research and therapy techniques involved in reducing the anxiety and stress that can surround public speaking. We strongly believe in sharing the knowledge and skills of how to achieve and maintain a healthy, strong, reliable and free voice to everyone.


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