8 Focus Points for all Vocal Freedom Workshops

  1. Release (Muscle Tension) - Identify and release different muscles of the neck, shoulders and back that tend to tighten up and affect the voice

  2. Power (Breath Support) - Use techniques to free the breath and support the voice

  3. Source (The Vocal Folds and the Larynx) - Learn techniques to warm up the voice for the day, easy onsets when you start speaking

  4. Filter (Resonance) - Explore the various resonating chambers of the body, realise what your default voicing pattern is and learn how to lift your voice up off the throat

  5. Content (Intonation) - Utilise the important parts of what you say to emphasise your point to your class

  6. Volume (Projection and “Twang”) - Learn techniques used by actors to freely project the voice instead of squeezing and pushing it, learn the technique of “twang” to add nasal resonance to your voice to cut through the classroom noise

  7. Self-Analysis & Feedback - Review your own performance and receive feedback from your coach and the group

  8. Managing Anxiety - Use psychological techniques to calm your nerves and manage anxiety, learn and discuss the connection between your mental state and your voice

The Details

Inclusions: Materials, handouts and a phone conversation with our presenter before hand to discuss the specific goals for your organisation’s workshop

Duration: Around 3 hours with one short break

Numbers: Best for around 10 - 20 participants

Location: Feel comfortable in your own workplace - we come to you!

Content: Workshops are tailored to meet the needs of your team and your organisation

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