Rosie is a Speech Pathologist as well as a trained actor and singer. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music Theatre) from the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts in 2014 where she trained in voice for both singing and acting. After working as an actor, singer and voice over artist for 3 years she developed a deeper appreciation for the physiology of the voice as well as seeing the effect that vocal fatigue, strain and disorder can have on peoples’ lives. This sparked her passion to work to improve the functioning and efficiency of the voice for everyone. She then completed her Master of Speech Pathology at Latrobe University. Her particular interests include voice disorders of both organic and non-organic cause as well as motor speech disorders.

In 2019 Rosie completed specialised training in circumlaryngeal massage, commonly called “Vocal Unloading” at Performance Medicine in Melbourne. This specialised technique is proven to release tension in the muscles of and surrounding the larynx and is very popular amongst singers, actors and other professional voice users.

Rosie has taught singing and voice for many years and regularly works with classroom teachers. From this Rosie developed an appreciation for the vocal strain that many teachers are under and a lack of professional development programs available to help teachers meet their professional needs. Rosie decided to create her own series of vocal health workshops for teachers to provide them with the tools they need in a fun, engaging and informative way.

Rosie has also taught for the renowned Australian Girls Choir for 9 years, where she enjoys working with young and emerging voices. Rosie is the founder and director of Vocal Freedom which she created to spread the word about her passion of vocally healthy practice.